Month: July 2012

EzyDog Coupons

I order a lot of equipment from EzyDog and knew of these coupons. Wanted to share them. 10% Off All EzyDog Products. Shop Now! (Exp 9.30.12). Coupon Code: 8MS5NN All US orders over $50 Receive Free Standard Shipping. Shop Now! (Exp 9.30.12). Coupon Code: 33KXKV

The Equipment I Use?

I’ve received a number of questions about what equipment I’m using and why I chose it. Most of the questions are being asked by those watching The Doodle Project. So, over the next couple of weeks I’ll be posting links to the equipment I like. I’ll start with my favorite Collar… The Double Up Collar from EzyDog Read More …

Hydration & Scent Samples – Day 1

A scent sample was made at BG = 75. A 2 X 2 Gauze Pad was used and saturated with saliva. The scent sample was then placed in 3 oz of distilled water, shaken and left for 15 min. The distilled water was then sprayed onto 5 new gauze pads which were double bagged and Read More …