A Training Plan that Utilizes Samples Created With Hydration

This training plan is based on the assumption that scent samples created by hydration are all identical and contaminated in the same way. I wanted to mix in some different scent samples which were not related to the original sample that was hydrated and used to make new samples.

The training plan will allow you to train for 33 days while making only 6 scent samples. This is an improvement over the current method where 6 samples will allow for only 18 days of training.

HP = Hydrated Parent – Original sample used to scent the water.
HC = Hydrated Child – Sample created with distilled water from HP.
New Sample = A sample not related to HP. Same person, different event.

For those training multiple dogs using multiple scent sources, it may be useful to have a labeling system.

HPx example HP1
HCx-y  example HC1-3 (The 3rd HC sample from HP1)

Days 1-3 HP1
Days 4-6 New Sample
Days 7-9 HC1-1
Days 10-12 New Sample
Days 13-15 HC1-2
Days 16-18 New Sample
Days 19-21 HC1-3
Days 22-24 New Sample
Days 25-27 HC1-4
Days 28-30 New Sample
Days 31-33 HC1-5