The DAD Training Manual

Congratulations on your decision to train your own Diabetic Alert Dog (DAD)! It will be a lot of work but, a well trained dog can be a huge asset in managing diabetes and hypoglycemia.

This training manual focuses on three (3) major areas.

1.) Managing and socializing your service dog.

2.) Training behaviors and working with duration, distance and distractions until the dog reaches the desired level of fluency.

3.) Diabetic alert scent detection.

The training manual comes with support, I can be reached at 757-615-4820, or via email at You are not in this alone! Please don’t hesitate to call me, should you have questions or require additional information. I think it’s best to address concerns early. I have intentionally kept the text of the manual short in the hope that you will pick up the phone and we can have a conversation. – scott