The Equipment I Use – Leads

I generally use three types of leads. I use a standard 6 foot lead with a handle. I also use what is known as a multi-function lead that can be configured many different ways. And I use 1/4 inch rope as a drag line or check cord. Below are the products I use…..

EzyDog Soft Trainer
EzyDog Soft Trainer 6 foot lead

A very nice 6 foot lead that is soft and comfortable to use. I really like what they’ve done with the handle. Click EzyDog Soft Trainer Lead to learn more.

Vario 4 from EzyDog
EzyDog Vario 4 Multi-Function Lead

The Vario 4 is a really well designed lead. I like that it is 6 feet and that you can reconfigure it while walking. You can change from a 6 foot lead, to a 3 foot lead, to a 2 foot lead and back to 6 feet without removing the lead from your dogs collar. Very Simple, Very Functional and Very Cool! Click EzyDog Vario 4 Multi-Function Lead to learn more.

EzyDog Vario 6
EzyDog Vario 6 Multi Function Lead

The EzyDog Vario 6 can be configured many ways, Including Hands Free. If you are tall and interested in a Hands Free Lead, you may need a Standard Extension. Click EzyDog Vario 6 Multi-Function Lead to learn more.

Rope Lines
Palomine Lines Rope Lines

For years I have used 1/4 inch nylon multi-braided rope as drag lines. They were not ideal because they were not waterproof. The folks over at have solved that problem! Love these lines!