The Equipment I Use – Vests, Harnesses & Packs

I use two harnesses and a pack. Your needs may be different, depending on what you and your dog do together. Ava and I work mostly in two environments, an urban environment and a rugged outdoor environment. The harness or pack we use depends on the environment we are working in.

When working in an urban environment, I look for a harness that can clearly define my dog as a Service Dog. This harness must also be able to support  me with any mobility issues I may have. Additionally, I want the harness to protect the dog in the car. For urban environments I use the EzyDog Convert Harness shown below.

EzyDog Convert Harness with Custom Badges

It is a very well made harness that is both functional and comfortable for the dog.  It has a pretty small footprint on the dog, which helps when it is hot outside. I do make one modification to the harness. Once I have sized the chest strap, I have it sewn together for added strength.

For more rugged outdoor adventures I want a harness that I can use to help assist the dog when needed for tricky terrain. I also want a harness that I can attach packs to should I need the dog to carry it’s own supplies. For this, I use the Ruff Wear Palisades Pack shown below.

Ruff Wear Palisades Pack

A very nice pack which consists of a Webmaster Harness and Detachable Saddle Bags. If you like the Ruff Wear gear, please consider purchasing from, it’s a great resource for many of us and they need our support. A Link to the store