The Honest Kitchen Dog Food Review

I recently switched one of my dogs to a Raw Diet to correct a health issue. The dog’s system was running to alkaline and causing frequent urination. The Raw diet cleared the problem up in about a week! However, I now had to figure out how to store and process a Raw Diet. I travel quite a bit and keeping the Raw Diet frozen was an issue.

I decided to give The Honest Kitchen Dehydrated Raw Diet a try. Wow! I love it! All of the benefits of a Raw Diet without any of the hassles of freezing and processing the meat. Plus, it is cheaper than the grain free kibble I was feeding. I was feeding Wellness Core Wild Game Formula at $2.88/lb. The Honest Kitchen comes in at $2.50/lb.

The Honest Kitchen provides all of the benefits of a Raw Diet without any of the hassles. Plus there are no preservatives, no by-products, no fillers, no wheat, corn or soy and no GMO’s.

Here’s a coupon you can use to sample The Honest Kitchen Dog Food….